dissabte, 1 de desembre de 2007

The fight for democracy and social justice in 1917

90 years of the Russian revolution

This article appeared in the Egyptian revolutionary socialist magazine, Socialist papers - Issue 18, December 2007. http://revsoc.me/revolutionary-experiences/qs-lym-lty-hzt-llm · PDF in Arabic

This October is the 90th anniversary of the Russian revolution. For today’s movements for global justice and real democracy, that revolution should be an important part of our history, from which we can learn a lot.

Unfortunately, very few activists see the Russian revolution in that way. They rightly reject the Stalinist dictatorship which Russia became, but accept the right wing argument that this was an inevitable result of the revolution itself.

The truth is that the October revolution had nothing to do with bureaucratic dictatorship, but was a genuine example of how ordinary people can change things and take massive steps towards creating a better world.

This article will describe how Russian workers and peasants made the revolution, and suggest some things we can learn from their experiences.